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Fixed Price Domains is where high quality, generic, and keyword specific domain names are offered for fair market Fixed Prices. No haggling, guessing, or frustrating blind negotiating. Here you can find a quality domain name that fits your needs and budgets, and acquire it for a set price. Start a business, pursue a dream, or find an investment. Quality domains are internet real estate, where your online endeavors resides. Find and get your web address here at Fixed Price Domains.




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Domain Names are a fast growing commodity.  Premium domains have accelerated faster in value than real estate, stocks, funds, fixed investments, gold, antiques and classic cars among other comparable long-term investments.  Premium domains are rare, and you will want to acquire the domain names applicable to your industry and that means something to your customers, such as domain names that describe your products, services, wares, or even state your slogan.  Bottom line, by owning a premium related domain name, you are investing in yourself and your company.

Location, Location, Location
In order to have a successful online business, having a good domain name where your customers can easily find you is important.  This is the address and doorway to your internet business.  Location in the internet world refers to your storefront's easy findabiilty, and specific keywords that relate to your business, not only make it easier to be found, but also will increase traffic to your site.  A descriptive web address gives you an added advantage over your competitor. Domains are the single biggest, best, and most cost effective way to connect with your customers, so they can easily find you when they want to, with significant long-term returns.  A relevant keyword related domain name will provide your customers a direct pathway to your site, and can help you to gain new market reach. Some 30-40% of online searches skip the search engines and type in a meaningful keyword domain name directly into their web browsers when researching products and services.

Marketing and Advertising
The days of spending high dollars in promoting a business has changed dramatically if you have a good quality domain name. For a one time cost, one can own the domain name(s) most relevent to their products or services, for usage in their marketing efforts for as long as they wish. In today’s tough economy, businesses are finding multiple related domain names to be financially viable solutions when planning their marketing/advertising budget. At a fraction of the cost of what it used to be, a company can now more easily reach a wider global audience. With an exact match or a top keyword specific domain name, you can target more customers to your storefront. The cost of buying and owning a premium keyword specific domain name fo your business or venture, will pay for itself many times over, with the advertising money you will save in the long run!


Branding identifies your product, service, or company.   The key factor in choosing a domain name, is to have a good keyword related domain name that will easily identify your business or service, and that advertises and promotes your business.  Branding your domain name online - is your identity! Today with the vastness of the internet, it sometimes seems that businesses are ‘anonymous’ to potential customers.   Customers need to feel comfortable when purchasing products or services from a website.  A recognizable ‘brand’ website represents quality and trust. You want the customer to have instant recall when they enter specific keywords into the search engine. Branding will associate your name to the product or service you represent, which is the foundation on which to build and grow your business. 

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